Last Two Weeks in Type #24

We’re hours away from the New Year, but we still feel like taking one last look at 2013. Particularly the last two weeks, since we last talked. Today: more resources, trends to leave behind, old typo feuds, inspiration and even exciting… fails.

Resources And Tools That Will Make Typography Easy To Work With


This comes handy for those web designers on the look-out for new techniques. Especially for those who are very particular about their work and the reputation that follows them. Long story short, in this article you’ll find a few good typography resources that can help you create better typography. Fingers crossed!

How to Get Really Good at Typography in One Month


Good typography is more than just choosing a favorite font, right? It’s setting and arranging type in a way that is legible and pleasing for viewers. If you want to efficiently make typography one of your skills, without having to become an expert web designer, follow this guide. It promises to take you through a weekly process of becoming a great typographer in one month.

Angst, Imagination, and the Ray Gun Effect: a History of Grunge Typography


There’s a new debate about grunge typography. You’ve probably noticed some pro and against articles. This one sends you to a couple of interesting reads, like that one in The Awl which dives in to the ’80s and ’90s typography revolution that thrived on messy, heavy type to express every emotion that the wayward generation of the time was feeling.

Arial vs. Helvetica


We’ve all heard of the Arial and Helvetica typefaces, and have most likely used them both. Graphic designers either love or hate the designs. What’s the story behind these two polarizing typeface designs? Read on.

Calendar of Fails 


Today’s era of hi-fi reproduction and digital copying has left little room for individuality, making the error zone into a testing ground for everything individual, one-of-a kind or special. Agree? If yes, then you’ll definitely enjoy this calendar of fails designed by Streetart Agency in cooperation with Format Publishing House. Don’t miss the list of principles.

26 Creative Handwriting Lettering Examples for Inspiration


This modern collection is for your inspiration. You’ll come across handmade, design lettering, calligraphic quotes and illustrated typography. Enjoy!

10 Web Design Trends to Leave Behind in 2014


The authors of this article seem quite optimistic: 2014 will definitely be an exciting year for web design. What do you reckon? And what about the the trends that should be left behind? Well, until you make up your mind, here you have some web design trends some people want to wave goodbye.

Now enjoy the party and have a fabulous New Year!

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