Last Two Weeks in Type #22

It’s December already. So much to do, so little time. But hey, in these merry busy times, we’re pretty sure you’ll find time to take a look at some of the most important online articles on typography published in the last couple of weeks. Beautiful typography, amazing calligraphy and calligraphers, tools to identify fonts, and more. Enjoy!

The Most Beautiful Typefaces From This Past Month


Maybe not ‘the most’, but definitely some very handsome ones. Here’s another fantastic batch of type. For your inspiration, of course.

4 Great Tools for Identifying Fonts & 3 Bonus Font-Related Goodies


If you agree that the font you choose can add to the impact of your copy, then you’ll find this post most useful. These tools are a great resource for designers, and can help you save a lot of time in identifying the typeface you’re looking for. Take a look. You might want to bookmark it too.

Playing With Type. For the Love of Wood Type


Inspiring article written by Lara McCormick, the author of Playing with Type: 50 Graphic Experiments for Exploring the Creative Impact of Typographic Design Principles. She is currently the chair of graphic design at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. For the love of wood type, take a look.

Websites Using Beautiful Typography


You’ve got to agree that a lot of thought, experimentation and trials go into type design, thus, for a successful and cohesive web design, the principles of typography are important to understand. So, here’s a guide to help you get started in learning the different aspects of type design, and a showcase of websites using beautiful typography.

The Secrets of Great Web Typography


This article focuses on how to craft typography for the web. It explores ideas on making good decisions with type, and how sweating the details of typography, browser idiosyncrasies and delivery is actually part of the design process. Brian Warren runs through some ideas and lessons learned along the way. It’s all about attention to detail and a passion for the craft, right?

15 Must Follow Calligraphers on Dribbble


Calligraphy is a rather exclusive art, something not many people do or are able to do because it takes a great deal of skill. In an effort to bring some awareness to this fine art, this article gathers 15 great Calligraphers that you should follow on Dribbble (or just follow in general). Follow them or just enjoy their work.

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Oh, and make your December amazing.      

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